Our company offers you an overall service in the market of plastic products production. In the process, we use a wide range of different granules with or without fibres. We mainly produce technical products of various shapes and sizes. Our comprehensive service ranges from the production of a product or semi-product sample to injection moulding of high-quality batches of such products.

We have extensive experience in the production market of products for small household appliances, hand tools, ventilation technologies and drive systems. We always lend an ear to the customer’s wishes, which leads us to always gain fresh knowledge and new experience. Moreover, ongoing investments in technology and human resources provide for a constant and healthy company growth.


In the field of plastic injection moulding, we have contemporary machines for plastic injection moulding of brands ENGEL and ARBURG, which allow us to inject products up to a volume of 550 cm3 (800-900g). Our many years of experience, qualified staff and modern production facilities are the best guarantee for the satisfaction of our customers.