We are an innovative company with rich experience and an established reputation in the field of production of plastic products and epoxy resins. We are considered a reliable partner and high-quality manufacturer. With our activity, we are upgrading the successful foundations of the predecessor company Erplast, which was founded back in 1975.

In more than 40 years of our operation and continuous growth, originating from a then small family business, the company has become an important link in the supply chain of highly reputable corporations and a trustworthy business partner, whose main values are quality, responsibility and a constant concern for our customers.

Comprehensive services:

Ongoing and comprehensive customer care is one of the main distinctive qualities and commitments of our company. As a development supplier, we are actively engaged in the development of prototypes and the production of sample series, whereas in the final phase, we also mass-produce products. We have many years of experience in the field of such development and cooperation with customers, and we also consider our own production of injection moulding and other machine tools to be an important advantage, which we aim to ensure together with the factory Kems. Owing to such forms of synergy, we manage to effectively reduce costs and provide high-quality and competitive services to the satisfaction of our customers.

Quality assurance:

Nowadays, quality assurance is crucial in demanding high-tech markets and is usually taken for granted. In our company, we are aware of the importance and the role of our products, which are built into various systems of our customers. This is all made possible by our QA department with the help of modern measuring equipment. In accordance with our business guidelines, we started building the ISO 90001 Quality System already in 1999, which ensures sound management of all aspects of quality.

Environmental concern:

Our company practices the concept of corporate social responsibility. Care for our employees as well as for the wider environment is one of the principal values of our company. We have modern production equipment and established lean manufacturing, which significantly contributes to the quality of working conditions in our company and has a positive impact on the wider environment.

SET-TRADE d.o.o.
Sv. Andrej 8,
1251 Moravče
TAX no.: 67867529
Registration no.: 1318551000

Production plant Planina
Planina pri Cerknem 51,
5282 Cerkno
M: +386 41 610 914
F: +386 5 372 33 76
E: settrade@siol.net

Production plant Cerkno
Platiševa ulica 39,
5282 Cerkno
M: +386 41 568 182
E: erplast@siol.net